Current and retired team members.  Please select their picture to be redirected to their individual donation page on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure website. Thank you for your support!

current members

Adam #99 | a/k/a. Long Duk Dong; Long Rod Von Hugenstein; Great White Gangsta Walka

Chris #6 | a/k/a.  Turbo Glistener; Old Growth; Captain Planet

Grant #3 | a/k/a.  Pope John Pole; Schootin Blanks; Day 3 Griper

Huzaif #00 | a/k/a.  Chesticules; Short Round; No Carbo Man

Nate #11 | a/k/a.  Thunder Stick; Rookie

Steve #60 | a/k/a.  Juan Hung Lo; Morning Wood; Snack Sherpa

Thomas #57 | a/k/a.  B.A. Dangles; Beefy McManstick; Shin Killer

retired members

Dennis #10 | a/k/a.  Big Rooster; Mr. One and Done